May 17, 2021
Devan Beaudoin

Don't Seattle for Anything Less than the Best

“Don’t Seattle for Anything Less than the Best”

All fun puns aside, our Seattle branch team is one of the best! The dedicated team of branch #381, managed by Dallas Hanson, deserves a special shout out and we are excited to tell you all about them.

The small but mighty team is made up of four individuals that work hard to keep our customers out west up-and-running, rain or shine. Their combined tenure of 20 years is a powerful force in the smaller historical building north of Seattle in Union Point Center, one that a few teammates even believe to be haunted!

Dallas (voted best singer) is supported by Delivery Service Rep Sean McTaggart (loudest singer), Delivery Service Rep Tim Druxman, and Customer Service Representative Kim Carlson (fastest order puller). We asked the caffeine loving group to pick one superpower for the entire team and they chose teleportation. They were willing to forego super strength to be able to deliver customer products even faster!

“I know everyone says it, but I truly believe I have the best team in the company. I have a lot of gratitude in for my team.” – Dallas Hanson, Seattle Branch Manager

Seattle is one of our two FinishMaster locations in the Evergreen state, the second is in Tacoma. The store location previously served as an Annex and Automotive Group Supply store before joining the FinishMaster network, as Branch 381, in 2016. Business at the branch is primarily made up of wholesale customers but they have a few customers that come in to greet them on a regular basis. The team enjoys serving all their customers but really appreciate every opportunity they get to help face-to-face.

Since re-opening, the team has worked hard to give recommendations and offer support to their customers through the pandemic. When asked what changes they have made, Dallas stated, “We have had to do more logistics and delivery route planning. At first, less scheduled deliveries were hard for customers to adjust to, but we are working to show them all the benefits and how it can help their business.” Thanks to the new delivery system, questions can be answered more specifically on where deliveries are and when they can expect them to arrive.

Our Seattle branch is open for business and the fun, hardworking team is ready to serve you! Stop in and see them, ask them about their favorite products and find out more about how they can help you with your business needs.

What is your favorite thing about FM?

  • Kim: “FinishMaster has been the most understanding and flexible place I’ve worked for. When unexpected things have happened in my life FinishMaster has been flexible and allowed me to take the time off needed”
  • Sean: “My favorite thing is that I get to paid to drive and visit new places and customers!”
  • Dallas: “The opportunities that FinishMaster has given me to learn and grow with the company, and the resources that FinishMaster gives me to help my team to do the same.” 
  • Tim: “The laid-back work environment and good group of co-workers”

A BIG thanks to Dallas, Sean, Tim, and Kim for everything you do at Branch 381!