April 11, 2017
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Shopping Made Simple: Introducing the New E-Commerce Site!

WARNING: If you are NOT interested in learning more about how shopping for FinishMaster products is easier and more convenient than ever, do NOT continue reading. We are going to tell you all about our new eCommerce site and will shamelessly be promoting it throughout this article.

There’s a reason cyber sales continue to break records. Shopping online is easy and convenient, saving you the hassle of fighting crowds or getting a parking spot only to find out they don’t have your product in stock. At FinishMaster, two of our Core Values are “be part of the solution” and “WOW the customer!” In the spirit of those values, we are thrilled to introduce www.ShopFinishMaster.com, our new and improved eCommerce site virtually stocked with all our products!

Our new eCommerce Customer Portal was designed with YOU in mind. For years, we’ve gathered feedback, analyzed how people use our existing eCommerce platform, and combined it all to create a more user friendly experience. The updated site is clean, modern, and best of all – at your fingertips! You are one click away from buying all your favorite FinishMaster products without having to leave the shop.

The new portal is a two-way street: when you shop, your customized account information is saved so the site can be more helpful to you in the future. You can view order history, track order status, view invoices, and store favorite items to save time when re-purchasing. Our business is built on forming long-lasting relationships with our customers, and we strive to have a similar connection through our cyber shop, too. By tailoring your experience based on order preferences, our site is designed to make your life easier and more efficient, like your own personal sales rep.

Just like the as-seen-on-TV products by the checkout in the store, we’ll also entice you with our latest and greatest products when you visit shopfinishmaster.com. You’ll never miss the launch of a new product because we’ll feature them prominently on the site. By going online, you’ll have the opportunity to look at all your options to see if there’s something we offer to better serve your needs while still stocking your trusty standbys.

Not only will you find products on the site, but you will also find important support materials. You can download technical documents in the same place. The new site truly is a one-stop shop. Don’t take our word for it though – check it out for yourself! Begin your savvy cyber shopping experience now –www.shopfinishmaster.com launched April 1 (no joke).

Already have an account on our old eCommerce platform PBEConnection? Good news! Your login and password information are exactly the same on shopfinishmaster.com.

Questions or comments about the new eCommerce site? Email shop@finishmaster.com.