November 24, 2020
Devan Beaudoin

Tech Rep Spotlight: Ernie Banfalvy

Charismatic Tech Rep and a True Team Player

Our final #TechRepTuesday features a respected professional with a contagious attitude, and rumor has it, some serious skills in the kitchen!

Ernie Banfalvy joined the FinishMaster team over 4 years ago and currently serves as Technical Representative in our southern region, based out of the branch in Hialeah, Florida.

Before FinishMaster was privileged enough to add Ernie to our team he had an accomplished career in the industry. He was a graduate of Atlantic Technical College, a well-known painter in the South Florida area, and he previously worked for one of the top paint manufactures and a competitive jobber in the market. Along with his experience he brings an impressive technical ability and communication skill to the field every day. When one of Ernie’s co-workers reflected on their history together, he credited Ernie as being one of the best people in the industry, being both courteous and professional in the field, quickly earning the respect of those around him.


Perhaps, the title of Technical Representative doesn’t fully describe all the hats Ernie voluntarily wears every day. Some may say he should even have a different name! According to Victor De La Uz, area Sales Team Leader, “His name should've been 'Jack', since he's quite literally a Jack of all trades, and one who accomplishes any task sent his way.”

Ernie assumes many roles during his daily activities, not only does he solve technical issues with a smile, but he can often be found targeting new business, using his product knowledge and determination to build new relationships. Ernie relates to customers on all levels, whether they are a painter or upper management - he excels at providing business solutions that help them to achieve their goals and have a positive impact on their business. 

A major responsibility for tech reps at FinishMaster is working with painters to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise they need for their jobs. Through proper training and coaching, correct processes and applications are developed. Ernie plays a crucial part in these efforts by engaging with paint technicians to advise them and guide them towards a solution, without doing it for them. He helps to facilitate technical certifications for painters, becoming a trusted asset to his customers.

With an unmatched level of industry knowledge, from the front office to the detailer in the back of the shop, Ernie is always paying attention to the finest of details. His presence instills confidence with our customers so they know, without a doubt, that our team will always be there to help solve the challenges their shop may face.

“If I had to pick one thing that is very impressive about Ernie is when he is called to a shop for a problem Ernie doesn’t just fix it and leave he makes it a ‘training exercise’ to fix the problem so chances are it will never happen again. What shop owners like about that is there Tech’s are more educated when Ernie leaves.” – Purvis O’Brien, Sales Support Representative

In addition to his career at FinishMaster, Ernie continues to be involved in the local vocational tech schools helping young professionals find their way into the industry and inspiring them on the path that helped to kick-start his career in the collision industry. He works closely with the local I-CAR committee that partners with schools to get young techs into the field.


Ernie’s official title is Technical Representative, but he doesn’t stop there. Whether an order needs to be pulled, materials for an install need to be loaded for delivery, or a truck needs some wrenching, Ernie is a true team player. He has been credited as the lifeblood to his district because of the enthusiasm he brings every single day, creating a tight-knit family.

"I will never forget the day I needed help loading a truck extremely early for an install and Ernie did not hesitate. I even had a problem with the U-Haul truck not going into gear and Ernie managed to get the truck up and going." - Angel Rosendo, Account Manager

Here's Ernie saving the day!


Team members repeatedly contributed successful district retention and team member growth to Ernie. His positivity and servant leadership acts of kindness have been quoted as “contagious”. Whenever Ernie is needed, he makes himself available. If he cannot make it happen the same day, he shows up the next day ready to lend a helping hand.

Thanks to Ernie for being a beloved, upbeat, and dependable member of our FinishMaster family. There is no denying that District 59 is grateful for, and could not be prouder to work alongside, Mr. Banfalvy.