November 10, 2020
Devan Beaudoin
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Culture, Industry

Tech Rep Spotlight: Mike Clark

This week for #TechRepTuesday, we’re recognizing another one of our amazing team members, Mike Clark. Mike currently serves as our Tech Rep in exciting Motor City, at the heart of our Midwest region. Since joining our team in 2016, Mike has been part of the three-person team, covering the Detroit Metro area, southern Michigan, and assisting in Northern Ohio.

With over 25 years of experience, Mike is hardwired to solve problems and has a deep desire to do right by our customers. He consistently shows up and provides an elevated quality of service, always looking for additional ways to help our customers and their businesses. His service mentality allows him to build a trusting relationship that lasts.  

“I’m blessed to have such a great team of techs in my district. Each one of them will always do what is asked without hesitation, they all have an extremely flexible team-focused mentality and Mike is a shining example of that mindset.” - Richard Selover, Sales Manager

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the nation, affecting our industry, Mike never hesitated to help and accept any task that was asked of him. When our operations team was over-extended, Mike worked hard to support all their needs. He delivered paint, took and pulled orders, stocked shelves, and played a valuable role in moving inventory to locations in need of products.

As the only active Tech Rep in eastern Michigan, Mike helped cover other areas of the business with a limited workforce. In addition to his everyday responsibilities, he helped to handle install, upgrades, and diagnostic work. When our vendor partners were unable to travel, Mike provided support to some of our larger, multi-shop customers when emergencies arose.

Thank you, Mike, for being there, never slowing down and never stopping. Your work ethic is appreciated and never goes unnoticed. By always asking “What else can I do?” you have become an invaluable team member, helping to lighten the load for the FinishMaster teammates around you!

Who will we feature next week? Check back on #TechRepTuesday to find out!