November 17, 2020
Devan Beaudoin
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Tech Rep Spotlight: Tony Hoen

Happy #TechRepTuesday refinisher family! We’re back, featuring another tech rep that deserves a little time in limelight.

Tony Hoen, Technical Representative based in Wisconsin, deserves to be recognized for his dedication to his team and his customers. When asked, multiple FM team members were quick to sing his praises.

“Tony is one of the most dependable people on our team. He will always make time for any issue that comes up. He always goes the extra mile. Our team wouldn’t be as strong as it is, without him.” – Robert Auman, Sales Manager

One must-have quality for a tech rep is the desire to help. Techs will often be asked to assist their teams with a variety of customer needs, with some tasks being outside of their job description. Tony is a shining example of an individual who always shows up when help is needed, with a smile on his face.

Tony’s positive attitude spills into his work and those around him. Without hesitation, he goes above and beyond, never saying no. Team members in Tony’s district and region appreciate the extra miles and hours he gives to support them and do what needs to be done.

When Tony’s area was experiencing a limited workforce, Tony would wake up early to drive an hour and help cover our Fridley branch. He helped pull orders for hours to ensure that there was no disruption in service for our customers. When Gary Hallin, Branch Manager of Fridley, spoke about Tony’s assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic he said, “Tony is not the type to want to be in the spotlight but there isn’t anyone else that would be more deserving…I can’t thank Tony enough!”

Customers also offered words of praise for Tony’s work ethic, expressing how grateful they were to have his knowledge, experience, and advice. Tony’s rapport with his customer’s is one of a kind and without people like him on our FinishMaster team, we would not be able to do what we do.

“He is amazing. Always helps us out when we need it and he’s great to have around!” – Jason Slomkowki @ Raymond Auto Body, St. Paul, MN

Thank you for your selfless dedication and positive attitude Tony, we are inspired by you. You are valued by so many, customers and teammates alike.