June 14, 2017
Susie Guyer
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Technology You Can Lean On

Ever step back and ask yourself who, what, when, where, why, and how is so much product used in my shop? Performing at maximum efficiency in a collision repair shop is a daily challenge. Efficient inventory management techniques go a long way in supporting consistent process with minimal SKUs.  When inventory management is managed right, it can make a pivotal difference in the flow of a body shop.

Technology Overview

In 2014 we shared a vending machine success story at a customer location in Florida. Over the past 3 years improvements in technology and new players in the market means our customers have more options when approaching inventory management solutions.   

Vending machines are not a requirement for efficient inventory management. For a collision repair shop, there are multiple solution providers that can provide the following support with a simple barcode scanner:

  • Material management (streamlined inventory)
  • Reporting
  • Automated ordering
  • Usage tracking by technician
  • Products tied direct to repair orders

The challenge is in tracking the information and putting it to work.  Monitoring inventory consumption and movement in the shop is simplified by utilizing vending machines. For a shop requiring consumption tracking and accountability, vending machines combined with team member and management buy-in equip users with the tools to make these goals a reality.

Let’s go back to our opening question: Who, what, when, where, why, and how is so much product used in my shop? FinishMaster has several great partners providing inventory management solutions. Our only goal is finding the right one to fit your needs. In today’s blog post, we want to focus specifically on LeanTec. They have proven themselves as a leader in the industry and they can answer our opening question.

With LeanTec, because all materials are scanned (how) by a user specific login, you will always know who removed the supplies, what was taken, and when they were removed. You will also know why your materials were removed from your cabinet and where materials are assigned by work order.  

LeanTec Background

LeanTec has taken inventory management technology and designed it specifically to meet the automotive aftermarket’s needs. With distribution in their teams’ background, LeanTec was created and continues to evolve as an efficiency focused platform for collision repair shops. From the enterprise-class software platform, Prophet-C, to their effortless equipment set-up, LeanTec covers all the bases to ensure a seamless operation.

If you have WIFI setup and a few outlets in your facility, the system is literally plug and play. But don’t think we will just drop off the cabinets and wish you good luck, this solution is implemented as a three-way partnership between LeanTec, FinishMaster, and our customer (you). Based on the shop layout and # of technicians, we work with you to determine whether stationary cabinets or mobile carts are a better fit. Once we have the best fit, it is a plug and play solution promised to give you all the information you need from one location.

With LeanTec’s system, you can focus on creating exceptional service instead of worrying about inventory inaccuracy.

Ready to find out if LeanTec is a good fit for your shop? Or learn about other inventory management solutions? Reach out to your local FinishMaster rep, contact a local branch, or send us an email!