Process Analysis

FinishMaster has built a system to help shop owners improve processes by working directly with their team. Our Process Analysis includes six key points that will set you up for success.

Take Off the Blinders

Look at the shop from a fresh perspective, and do not assume that anything is perfect. Our team tailors each analysis to your individual shop, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We look at documented and undocumented processes. We turn over every stone and look for additional opportunity for improvement.

Keep It Simple

After identifying the processes in your shop, we hone in on one at a time. We build a roadmap of questions in advance to help uncover opportunity. Walking through the entire process gives everyone the opportunity to understand it; do not be afraid to snap a picture along the way to document an opportunity or reason for change!

Gain More Input from Management and Technicians

Armed with answers from the roadmap of questions, we will discuss the findings and ask more questions of management and technicians.  These interviews will lead to a number of improvement opportunities while creating buy-in with the team members who will ultimately implement the changes.

Match changes/Standard Operating Procedures to greatest impact

The fourth point is to identify the smallest adjustments that represent the greatest impact, and create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). We have learned that major changes are challenging for everyone. By focusing on the small changes, you can build a repeatable process. Once you have commitment to change, implement!

Monitor for Success

The Standard Operating Procedure that we build with you will hold your team accountable. Measuring and holding the team accountable for the implemented adjustments is the key ingredient for success and long-term commitment to these changes!  We will be there to help with reporting, and recommend on-going, minor adjustments.

Understand that the Process Never Ends

The commitment must be to continuous improvement.  Our industry is changing along with vehicles and the products we utilize to repair those vehicles.  Success requires the willingness to “take the blinders off”—to look and understand the changes happening around your shop. Embrace that every day provides an opportunity for change that could lead to improvement and profitability!

Call your FinishMaster representative to find success in your own Process Analysis.