(125)LG Plastic Wheel Cover

3M Marson
Marson® KWIKEE™ SHEETING offers cut-to-fit, economical masking capabilities for quick, easy and complete protection during vehicle painting and storage.
Marson® KWIKEE™ CAR MASKERS are the quick and convenient way to mask any vehicle for painting. Available in two handy sizes.
Marson® KWIKEE™ PLASTIC WHEEL MASKERS protect tires and wheels during painting for just pennies. Available in two sizes to fit both cars and trucks.
Marson® CANVAS & CLOTH WHEEL MASKERS ensure complete tire and wheel protection during painting. These reusable maskers are available in heavy-duty canvas or Silicone-Treated cloth. Sold in sets of four.
Marson® KWIKEE™ SEAT COVERS are a durable, yet inexpensive way to provide protection against dirt, grease and paint on car seats. Supplied in a handy dispenser box.
Marson® KWIKEE™ FLOOR MATS protect carpets from dirt and grease.
Marson® KWIKEE™ SHOP BAGS are made of rugged 2-ply construction to handle all of your disposal needs.