(25) 3 in TRIM-KUT 36G Discs

3M Marson
Marson® RAZOR BLADES are single-edge, high-carbon steel and individually wrapped for safety. Marson® FILE BLADES are great for shaping body fillers and plastic compounds. Will not dig, gouge or clog like other files.
Marson® K-2® SILICONE COMPOUND is used to lubricate and protect rubber gaskets when installing new gaskets and seals. Also insulates spark plugs and ignition coils and prevents freezing to -37°.
Marson® TRIM-KUT® GRINDING DISCS are one-piece, molded plastic grinding discs that offer all the advantages of paper abrasives and cut-down grinding discs without the hassles. Made for use with professional sanders or die grinders. Rated at up to 28,000 rpm!
Marson® DISPOSABLE MIXING CUPS have the most popular paint mixing ratios printed on the translucent sides to ensure accuracy in measuring and to eliminate waste.