3M™ Bare-Metal Seam Sealer - Beige, 08310, 200 mL

3M Products
From abrasives to paint finishing, 3M offers solutions using our most advanced technologies for designers, manufacturers, and OEMs in the Automotive industry; as well as innovative solutions to manufacturers of commercial and recreational vehicles.

Two-part epoxy with corrosion inhibitors for use on vertical or horizontal bare metal seams. Heavy-bodied, non-sagging, non-flowing, and easy tooling formulation for matching OEM seam sealer appearances. Paintable in 15 minutes, worktime, 8 minutes. No shrinkage or cracking.

Provides a flexible seam sealer over a wide range of temperatures with no shrinking or cracking. Excellent two part sealer to duplicate OEM beads. The fast setup time allows technicians to continue repair procedures quicker increasing productivity, especially when taking advantage of the corrosion inhibiting properties that allow for application without a previous base primer coat. The light color allows for increased visibility in trunk pans and other low light locations.