3M™ Black Weatherstrip Adhesive, 08011, 5 fl oz

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A black, fast-drying adhesive used for bonding and sealing automotive weatherstripping. Designed to affix EPDM rubber. Remains flexible and waterproof.

A black-colored, high-heat resistant adhesive that remains flexible and waterproof. Excellent for bonding EPDM rubber.Fast strength buildup and good creep resistance.Bonds to a variety of rubbers, fabrics, and metal. Typical Physical Properties:Container: 5 oz. Tube Base: Synthetic Elastomer Density - lbs/Gallon: (Appx.) 6.8 + 0.2 lbs. Color: Black Flash Point: -14 degree F (Closed Cup) Solids Content: (Appx.) 36 % + 2% Consistency: Medium Paste Solvent: Petroleum Distillate, Toluene, Ethyl Alcohol Performance Properties:3M Adhesive P.N. 8011 provides a flexible, durable bond between most porous and non-porous substrates. The following performance data was obtained in the 3M Laboratory under conditions as described. The data is not intended to be used for specification limits. Establishment of specification limits, certification requirements, and test procedures involved must be reviewed and approved by 3M.Peel StrengthCanvas/Canvas: 15 PIWCanvas/Steel: 15 PIWCreep Resistance:A canvas to canvas bond will hold a 2 pound dead load in peel with relatively no creep in 24 hours.Heat Resistance:A one square inch bond of canvas to steel will hold a 500 gram weight in shear up to 250 degree F.Directions for Use:Surfaces to be bonded must be cleaned to remove dust, dirt, grease, oil etc., to obtain best results. Apply a thin, even coat of adhesive to each surface and allow to dry until it becomes quite tacky. Wetter bonds could be made with porous substrates. Press surfaces together to insure intimate contact.Storage and Handling:Store at room temperature. Rotate stock on a ""first-in-first-out"" basis. When stored at the recommended conditions in original, unopened containers, this product has a shelf life of 12 months.Precautionary Information:Refer to Product Label and Material Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information before using this product.