3M™ No Cleanup High Coverage Body Schutz™ Coating, 08964, 22 fl oz

3M Products
From abrasives to paint finishing, 3M offers solutions using our most advanced technologies for designers, manufacturers, and OEMs in the Automotive industry; as well as innovative solutions to manufacturers of commercial and recreational vehicles.

Tough, fast drying, paintable, rubberized undercoating material that effectively protects and sound deadens door skins, quarter panels, wheel wells, frame rails, trunks and fenders. Use with 08801 applicator gun.

Supplied with an assembled plastic dip tube that is inserted into the can and fits directly onto the 3M™ No Cleanup Applicator Gun 08801. Because of the disposable dip tube/nozzle, no product comes in contact with the gun, and no cleaning is required. One 24 oz can covers up to 43% more area than conventional 32 oz offerings. The texture is medium to coarse, high build. It is paintable when dry.