BULLDOG® VOC Compliant Adhesion Promoter - Quart

Bulldog® VOC Compliant Adhesion Promoter has the same features and benefits of our current Bulldog® Adhesion Promoter. It is a patent-pending, one component formula that promotes adhesion on all types of automotive plastic.

  • Compliant with California SCAQMD Rule 1151- Adhesion Promoter, effective 1/1/2010
  • Not compliant for sale in Bay Area AQMD, Imperial Co APCD, and San Diego APCD
  • Max VOC Content 540 g/L (4.5 lbs/gal)
  • Provides superior adhesion
  • No Waste - Unused product can be poured back into the can
  • One component formula
  • Adds flexibility
  • Fills 320 grit scratches

    *Note: ETPO123B Bulldog® Adhesion Promoter 15oz. Aerosol is not affected by Rule 1151, and can still be sold and used in the state of California. Bulldog® Adhesion Promoter (QTPO123, GTPO123) will continue to be available in all areas of the country not subject to these VOC restrictions.
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