LORD Fusor 019

Lord Corp
LORD Fusor 019 reproduces a brushed OEM/factory seam seal appearance. Easy to use, this acrylic adhesive reduces cycle time because it is faster to apply when compared to traditional seam sealing procedures. Further, because it can be bonded directly to bare metal, Fusor 019 eliminates the time-intensive primer and pre-treatment steps, saving up to 50 minutes per seam sealing procedure. LORD Fusor 019 is paintable after application. Its proprietary color-changing formula tells users that the product is curing properly and when it is ready for painting.

Designed to easily reproduce the OEM appearance of repaired seams and surfaces, this new product is perfect for many demanding applications including rear-body panels, tail-light pockets, under hood area, aprons, strut towers, core supports and floor pan areas. Further, Fusor 019 contains phosphatizing agents, which protect metal from corrosion with no additional special primers or pre-treatment necessary.