Champion Techs

One of the tenants of our vision statement is earning customer’s loyalty through exceptional service. Building this type of service takes the collaboration of our team members, but there are a few key customer-facing roles that make a big impact on experience. Our vision statement talks about Technical Representatives work with our customers daily and while there are many attributes contributing to their expertise, knowledge and support are two of the most important.

SMART, FinishMaster’s exclusive, trusted brand, is supported nationally by our team, but behind the scenes and in your shops there is a core group of Champion Techs. These folks are expertly trained as a go-to resource to support SMART and the customers who buy it.  Their dedication to our brand propels SMART forward and plays a pivotal role in product success.

It takes a lot to be a champion, but there are certain responsibilities that stand out. Check out some of the key services these SMART advocates take on below.


  • Troubleshooting - Investigate complaints and identify process gaps
  • Training - Lead internal training to increase product knowledge
  • Demos - Set up in-shop demos to show key product attributes
  • Testing & Evaluation - Ensure products meet quality standards
  • Launch Support - Communicate features & benefits of products
  • Network & Collaborate - Interface with other techs around the country to discuss what’s working and strategies being implemented

To learn more about SMART, click the link to visit our SMART landing page