Discover SMART 1/4" Double-Sided Tape

SMART brand loyalists know we have had double-sided acrylic attachment tape available for many years in two common sizes: ½” and 7/8”. After looking at the needs of the industry and the applications required to return vehicles to pre-accident condition with name plates and thinner design moldings on the side, we knew we needed to expand our offering. Introducing a ¼” sized double-sided acrylic attachment tape. Made from the same high quality acrylic foam tape as our existing offerings, our new ¼” double-sided tape is the perfect addition to give the technician the proper choice while making repairs. This tape is an easy to apply, high-performing attachment tape from the people and the brand you trust.

  • SMT9382 ½”
  • SMT9383 7/8”
  • and NEW! SMT2512 ¼”

To learn more about SMART, click the link to visit our SMART landing page