Get Sharp on SMART Premium Razor Blades

There is a fine line between razor blades. SMART has got you covered with an option to fit each technician’s needs. All our razor blades are made of carbide steel and “made in the USA.”

SMART SKN100-9 Standard #9 Performance Razor Blades

  • Stainless steel single-edge
  • Fits most technician needs

SMART Premium Razor Blade SKN200-9

  • Double honed (sharpened twice) to provide longer life
  • More precise cutting

Double-honed premium versus the performance single-honed will lead to longer lasting, more precise cutting, thus alleviating the horrors of masking plastic being shredded instead of precision cuts. The addition of these premium razor blades will complement any shop’s need for a high performing, longer lasting blade at the premium level while remaining cost conscious.

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