SMART Precision Fiber Cloth


Have you ever bought a box of rags and pulled out piece after piece of randomly sized cloths? Maybe you had an issue with one piece being less absorbent than the rest, or a rag came with a sewn edge. Well, in the case where a tough, durable wiper or rag is required, look no further!

SMART SMT1050 Precision Fiber Cloth (PFC) is the future of the non-disposable rag solution.

  • Made of super absorbent natural fibers bonded with strong polymers
  • Can be reused many times over
  • Ultra-tough and stand up to the most rigorous conditions and surfaces
  • Uniform in size, precisely 13.6”x15”
  • Sold in packages of 50
  • Virtually lint free and solvent resistant
  • Excellent choice for heavy-duty cleanup

To learn more about SMART, click the link to visit our SMART landing page