Prep, Seal, Paint with SMART 1K Seam Sealer

There’s no waiting when it comes to the SMART 1K Seam Sealer. Prep, seal, and paint immediately afterward – no dry time needed. In a matter of minutes, you’ll go from start to finish with this product. Read on for more information about using the SMART 1K Seam Sealer.

The SMART 1K Seam Sealer comes in four colors: black, beige, gray, white.

Required Repair Supplies: 

Let’s get started.

  1. Scuff with red scuff pad to ensure area is debris free.
  2. Prep tube for use:
    1. Remove tip
    2. Cut off end of tube and puncture internal seal
    3. Place tip onto cartridge and cut to the desired bead size
    4. Place the tube in a caulking gun and begin dispensing
  3. Dispense product and spread or create textures as desired
  4. Remove any tape used after you have finished spreading product; seam sealer will stay in place

Now you’re ready to paint – no dry time is needed. SMART 1K Seam Sealer saves you time and simplifies the sealing process. You can’t beat that!

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