Proper Product Storage in Cold Weather

Don't leave your customers out in the cold - share these quick tips for proper product storage! 

The coldest months of the year are coming, and it's important to take care of your products so they'll continue to work properly. Remind your customers that storing or using products at temperatures below the manufacturer’s recommendation can impact performance and some might not work at all! Keep these 3 tips in mind so your product performance stays top notch all winter long: 

  1. Most clears will not work if used in environments under 65 degrees.
  2. Two-part cartridge products may seem extra difficult to dispense if they have been stored below 70 degrees. As always, proper equalization and purging are critical first steps before use.
  3. Crash wrap needs to be stored above freezing or there may be issues with adhesion.

MYTH BUSTER: Adding extra hardener to body filler when working in cold environments will NOT help. While it might slightly improve initial drying, adding extra hardener creates more performance issues. 

Always follow manufacturers’ instructions and technical data for proper techniques and stable temperature ranges.