SMART 2K Seam Sealer in 5 Steps

Replicating a seam can be tricky, but the SMART 2K Seam Sealer provides a variety of build options and flowability that allow you to best match any seam. Watch this short video to learn the process of using our 2K Seam Sealer.

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The SMART 2K Seam Sealer is available in the following categories: 

  1. Heavy bodied – gray, black
  2. Self leveling – gray
  3. Hi-build - gray

Required Repair Supplies: 

  • A substrate specific wax and grease remover
  • SMART 2K Seam Sealer with Static Mixer
  • A SMART Manual Applicator or a SMART Pneumatic Applicator
  • Tools for contouring or shaping
  • Proper PPE Equipment – Nitrile gloves

Ready to get started? You’re five simple steps away from a paintable seam.

  1. Make sure your area is clean and free of debris
  2. Equalize and purge your cartridge (link to other blog and/or video)
  3. Dispense the seam sealer
  4. Spread or create textures as desired
  5. Remove tape upon dispensing and spreading product

Just like our 1K Seam Sealer, the 2K Seam Sealer is paintable immediately. Make the SMART choice and choose SMART 2K Seam Sealer for your next seam sealing project!

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