SMART Flexibile Scuff Pads: Crafted for Comfort

SMART continues to provide high quality products as the industry standards grow and evolve. Introducing New SMART Flexible Scuff Pads, the latest additions to the SMART abrasive family.

  • Made with aluminum zirconia and silicone-carbide abrasives
  • Thinner, more flexible alternative to traditional scuff pads
  • Crafted for comfortable use around contours, curves, and panel edges
  • Maintains longer life & creates more consistent cut
  • Ideal for prepping and cleaning
    • Pair with Scuffing Soap(SMT621-4 & SMT 621-1) for plastic and surface prep and conditioning
  • Available in 4.5” x 9”     
    • Very Fine – Maroon (SMT4005)
    • Ultra Fine – Gray (SMT4006)


  1. Lightly saturate a flexible scuff pad with water
  2. Apply about a quarter to half dollar sized mound on the pad
  3. Lightly saturate the surface of the panel for prep
  4. Methodically scuff in a row pattern from one side to the other
  5. Repeat htis step a couple times to ensure proper surface abrasion and cleanliness
  6. Rinse thoroughly

This will provide an ultra-clean and uniformly abraded surface for refinish.

To learn more about SMART, click the link to visit our SMART landing page