SMARTer Ways to Surface Prep

Struggling to stay up-to-date with the latest VOC regulations and recommendations for product use across the variety of substrates you work on daily? You are not alone.

Recently we expanded our SMART brand to include surface cleaners designed to meet specific needs and applications our customers need.


  • Fast evaporating cleaner
  • Use when car is in the booth prior to priming or painting
  • Safe around moldings or crevices that tend to hold solvents

SMT623 Zero VOC Anti-Static Surface Cleaner: 

  • VOC compliant waterborne pre-cleaner
  • Ideal for shops in VOC restricted areas
  • Designed to remove tar, wax, oil, grease, road grime, silicone, and surface contaminants prior to sanding or body work
  • Works on bare metal and raw plastics

SMT624 Plastic Parts Cleaner: 

  • Aids the adhesion of primer or topcoats over difficult bare plastics
  • Reinforces appearance and durability on substrates (i.e. fiberglass, Polypropylene, TPO)
  • Do not use on polycarbonate (Lexan®)


  • Combine surface cleaning and surface prep in one product
  • Use to prep plastic bumpers and blend areas/surfaces for paint
  • Leaves uniformly scuffed and clean surface
  • Easy clean-up with water

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To learn more about SMART, click the link to visit our SMART landing page