The FinishMaster Way

The FinishMaster Way is our promise to focus on what is best for our customers, vendors, shareholders, and team members. One way does not limit our creativity; rather, it drives us toward the common goal of providing the Ultimate Customer Experience.

Have Distinction and Be Relevant Icon Living the FinishMaster vision means we are recognized by our customers as key factors in their success, continually earning their loyalty through exceptional service. This means we must take action to be distinct. We want to be noticed, but we must also focus on actions that are relevant to our customers to positively impact their success. Our culture demands this action; our customers deserve it; our vendors require it, and our future success relies on it!
Clearly and Consistently Communicate All Messaging Icon Communication that is clear, consistent and delivered with impact is at the heart of any successful organization. Our challenge is to utilize the most relevant methods of communication to consistently share our vision, goals and direction with the appropriate audiences.
Keep Our Eyes on the Horizon Icon Day-to-day business activities can distract us from looking ahead and anticipating the needs of our customers. Anticipating need is critical to understanding how we have to change. It is our obligation to look into the future and anticipate how FinishMaster must look in three to five years to maintain our relevance to our customers, and to strengthen our industry leadership.
Constantly Improve the Breed Icon Extraordinary organizations are built through commitment to culture and investment in team members, and we are continually building the “best in class” team. That means we invest in training for our team members, provide career paths, recruit the best candidates, and reward team members who embrace the FinishMaster Way. All team members must be dedicated to consistently improving and helping FinishMaster grow.
Consistently Measure and Hold Everyone Accountable Icon We want our team members to be successful. That's why we define metrics with clear goals, measure performance against those metrics, and report the results to our team members. Every team member must understand three things: what is expected of them, how they are performing against that expectation, and what they can do to maintain and improve performance.
Have Discipline Icon Extraordinary organizations must do more than build the best team; they must also have the discipline to develop strategies and create initiatives that drive results. We must have the discipline to stay the course and see projects through to completion, rather than abandoning an idea when execution becomes difficult or the decisions are challenging. Discipline must live within our culture.
Uphold Core Values Icon Our core values and vision statement must be the filter for every action we take, every decision we make, and every strategy we implement. Core values define who we are and how we operate. If you don’t know our values, seek them out, learn them, and live them!
Uphold Core Values Icon Our Ultimate Customer Experience is distinctly different from great customer service because it creates an emotional connection between us and our customers. We are providing products and services, but more importantly, we are bringing added value and building a relationship that demonstrates to our customer that we care about their success and the success of their business.